Woman with conservatorship over elderly woman.

Obtaining Conservatorship of an Elderly or Incapacitated Individual

Many families struggle with the decision about whether to obtain conservatorship of an elderly or incapacitated family member. You can make some decisions for your loved one without involving the courts. But there are other matters for which you will need legal authority to make decisions for another adult. A California estate planning attorney can […]

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Couple looking at fixed and discretionary trusts.

Understanding Fixed and Discretionary Trusts

Trust agreements offer a variety of benefits for both the settlor and the beneficiary. However, there are many different types of trusts. Knowing which type of trust is best for your situation may require assistance from a California estate planning attorney. For example, would you and your beneficiaries gain more advantage from fixed or discretionary […]

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Couple meeting with an estate planning lawyer.

Common California Estate Planning Misconceptions

Most people are generally familiar with the estate planning process, or with what an estate plan is. And many people understand that an estate plan, drafted with the assistance of an experienced California estate planning attorney, is the best way to avoid the probate process and ensure that their assets are passed on in accordance […]

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What Are California Trustees Responsible For?

Being named as a trustee is an important role. Trustees have certain legal duties that they must fulfill, in addition to adhering to the terms of the trust agreement. Even though the trustee has the right to manage trust assets, and the discretion to administer the assets reasonably, the trustee is also bound by certain […]

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Loew Law Group discusses five estate planning tips to help single parents.

Five Estate-Planning Tips for Single Parents

Estate planning is important for everyone, but especially for single parents. Single parents face several estate planning issues that other individuals may not face. Protecting their children is usually the highest priority for single parents. A California estate-planning attorney can help single parents ensure their children have everything they need, even if the parent is […]

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Loew Law Group discusses how you would know if you are a beneficiary of a trust.

How Do I Know If I’m a Beneficiary?

A beneficiary is a person or legal entity designated to receive assets from a trust or estate. Beneficiaries receive property or liquid assets after a person’s death or according to the terms of a trust. As a beneficiary, you have certain rights. If you believe your rights as a beneficiary were violated, you should talk […]

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Loew Law Group discusses how you can simplify the estate-planning process with this estate-planning checklist.

Simplify the Estate-Planning Process with this Estate-Planning Checklist

One reason many people do not develop an estate plan is that they believe the estate-planning process is difficult. They do not understand the process or what information they need for an estate plan. A California estate-planning attorney can simplify the estate-planning process by guiding you through each step, including preparing an estate-planning checklist for […]

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Loew Law Group discusses four important estate-planning documents you may need.

Four Estate-Planning Documents You May Need Today

Everyone needs an estate plan to protect themselves, their assets, and their loved ones. Without an estate plan, state laws and probate judges will make sensitive and important decisions for your loved one after your death. Our California estate planning attorneys typically recommend that individuals consider executing at least four basic estate-planning documents (and often […]

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