estate planning attorney helping woman to create a charitable trust

Four Things to Know About Charitable Trusts

A charitable trust can provide advantages for you, your heirs and beneficiaries, and to one or more charitable organizations that you name in the trust. You have options about which kind of trust you want to create, depending on your objectives. Charitable trusts can come with tax incentives and other financial benefits. A California elder […]

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inheritance taxes

How Can You Reduce Inheritance Taxes?

California does not impose a state inheritance or estate tax, no matter how massive your net worth is. However, your estate may still have to pay a federal estate tax, and your heirs might be subject to an inheritance tax if they live in a different state that levies an inheritance tax on its residents. […]

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couple changing their estate plan

How Often Can I Change My Estate Plan?

California law does not place limits on how often you can change your will and trust instruments. For most people, the opposite problem arises. They may know that they need to update their estate planning documents regularly, but instead, put it off.  Or they may not realize that they need to review and update their […]

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digital assets

How Digital Estate Planning Can Help Protect You

Traditional estate planning is changing. Instead of merely focusing on tangible property, such as real estate, vehicles and personal property, an estate plan may also include digital assets. Digital assets can have significant value and may be managed solely online. However, because virtual assets can be overlooked, they can be lost. Talk with a California […]

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estate planning

Estate Planning Checklist

Many people put off estate planning thinking it is something they should do once they get older. What’s worse, some people don’t do any estate planning thinking that it is something that only celebrities or the ultra-rich should do. However, estate planning is not something that you should wait to do, nor should you disregard […]

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beneficiaries in an estate plan

5 Mistakes to Avoid with Respect to Beneficiary Designations

When you decide who will one day receive your assets, you will want to keep some things in mind so that your generosity makes their lives better and does not cause problems for them. Despite your good intentions, failing to take into account certain factors could cause unintended consequences. Every situation is different, so it […]

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single woman and estate planning

Why Single People Need an Estate Plan

If you have ever heard of estate planning, it has likely been in the context of families or married couples. However, an estate plan is critical for everybody who has assets.  Single people who are considering estate planning should think about contacting a California estate planning attorney. An attorney can help ensure that your wishes […]

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elderly man in nursing home

Should Your Estate Plan Include A Nursing Home?

Estate planning is not just about passing on your property, it’s also about making sure that you have a plan in place for when you can no longer care for yourself. One of the most important decisions to make during estate planning is whether or not to include providing for a nursing home as part […]

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estate planning attorney

How to Know When It’s Time for an Estate Plan

As long as you are 18 years old, you can and should have an estate plan. If you do not already have these essential documents, when you experience certain life events, you should get these papers. A California estate planning attorney can answer your questions about how to know when it’s time for an estate […]

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elderly man looking over will

Most Common Probate Mistakes

Serving as an executor can be a stressful situation because most non-lawyers have never done this type of task before. It is easy to make a mistake. Some mistakes can cost the estate money, while other errors can make you personally liable. When you get named as the executor of a will, you do not […]

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