Single father and son playing basketball.

Estate Planning for Single Fathers

Estate planning is essential for all parents. However, single fathers face additional challenges and issues when preparing their estate, especially if their child’s other parent has passed away or cannot care for the child. Our California estate planning attorneys can help you address common estate planning issues for single parents. Creating an estate plan gives […]

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Older couple discusses potential trust contest problems.

Three Trust Contest Problems Your Survivors May Face

If you have a living trust, or are considering getting a living trust in California, you might wonder what may happen to your trust after you pass on. You’ll probably want to know if someone can come along and challenge the trust — possibly getting a judge to set it aside, or causing your survivors […]

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Attorney shaking hand with client and discussing trust administration.

Common Problems in Trust Administration

Trust agreements are an essential and versatile tool in estate planning. Many individuals use one or more trusts to protect assets, avoid probate, reduce tax liability, or delay distributions to minors and other beneficiaries. However, trustees can run into problems with the trust administration, especially if they did not consult a California estate planning attorney […]

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Daughter and elderly mother looking over estate plan.

What Is Undue Influence in Elder Law Cases?

Whenever a person leaves a disproportionate share of his or her assets to a caregiver or friend, or only one or two of the person’s natural heirs, leaving out others, the disappointed would-be beneficiaries are likely to cry “undue influence.” This argument is often the basis of a will or trust contest. Sometimes close friends […]

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Probate court paperwork.

The Real Cost of Probate in California

It can be expensive and time-consuming to take an estate through the probate courts in California. There are many fees set by the Probate Code that will come out of the estate before the beneficiaries receive a penny. Sometimes, people have to sell the family home or farm to pay the probate costs.  Many people […]

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Woman with conservatorship over elderly woman.

Obtaining Conservatorship of an Elderly or Incapacitated Individual

Many families struggle with the decision about whether to obtain conservatorship of an elderly or incapacitated family member. You can make some decisions for your loved one without involving the courts. But there are other matters for which you will need legal authority to make decisions for another adult. A California estate planning attorney can […]

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Couple looking at fixed and discretionary trusts.

Understanding Fixed and Discretionary Trusts

Trust agreements offer a variety of benefits for both the settlor and the beneficiary. However, there are many different types of trusts. Knowing which type of trust is best for your situation may require assistance from a California estate planning attorney. For example, would you and your beneficiaries gain more advantage from fixed or discretionary […]

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