The Loew Law Group discusses the growing issue of elder fraud and financial elder abuse.

The Growing Problem of Elder Fraud and Financial Elder Abuse

As our society ages and more individuals head to retirement, elder fraud and financial elder abuse are becoming more common. Those who are forced to manage their own retirement funds while coping with declining health are especially vulnerable. If you or a family member has been the victim of elder fraud or financial elder abuse, […]

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The Loew Law Group discusses four beneficiary rights that you should know about.

4 Beneficiary Rights You May Not Know About

As a beneficiary of a trust agreement, you have certain rights by law. The trust agreement may also give you rights as a beneficiary. Because you may receive significant benefits from the trust, it makes sense to know and understand your rights as a beneficiary. A California beneficiary rights attorney can help you protect your […]

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The Loew Law Group discusses the best ways to avoid a will contest.

How to Avoid a Will Contest in California

After your death, the person you name in your will to manage your estate begins the process of probating your will. Your will is authenticated, and your personal representative begins securing your property, identifying your heirs, and assessing your final debts and legal obligations. Your will dictates the distribution of your property after payment of […]

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Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin and Her Business (Her Estate and Her Will)

How Aretha Franklin Took Care of Business (And Where Her Estate Stands Now) Billboard Magazine by Gail Mitchell, Melinda Newman | August 23, 2018,3:58pm EDT In 2015, Aretha Franklin delivered one of her most indelible performances, singing “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” in tribute to the song’s co-writer, Carole King, at the Kennedy Center Honors. Before […]

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San Mateo Probate Litigation Lawyer

New Video for Loew Law Group | Probate Litigation Lawyers in San Mateo SAN FRANCISCO – Expert attorneys at the Loew Law Group, operating in San Mateo, CA, has today been recognized as being a front-runner in the realm of Probate Litigation in San Francisco and Northern California. This news coincides nicely with Loew Law Group’s […]

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Jeffrey Loew Super Lawyers list 2018 Northern California

San Mateo Probate Law Firm Recognized Super Lawyers

BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA: San Mateo Estate and Probate Litigation Law Firm, Loew Law Group was has been recognized by the 2018 Northern California Super Lawyers list, an honor reserved for those lawyers who exhibit excellence in practice. Only 5% of attorneys in Northern California receive this distinction. recognizes Jeffrey R. Loew, principal of Loew […]

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San Mateo Probate Litigation Attorney Loew Law Group 5-Star Review (650) 397-8700 Loew Law Group San Mateo reviews Excellent Review – Estate Planning Attorney By: Bernadette Our matter was dead in the water and going nowhere fast when a highly respected Peninsula trial lawyer reviewed the file and referred us to Jeff Loew. Our saving grace! The Loew Law Group stepped in full force […]

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Woman Sentenced for Stealing from Grandmother

Click Here to read full article A Petaluma woman who pleaded no contest to felony elder abuse in March for taking an estimated $347,000 from her 84-year-old grandmother over the course of almost three years received a three-year prison sentence Thursday, according to the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.

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