Loew Law Group discusses how you would know if you are a beneficiary of a trust.

How Do I Know If I’m a Beneficiary?

A beneficiary is a person or legal entity designated to receive assets from a trust or estate. Beneficiaries receive property or liquid assets after a person’s death or according to the terms of a trust. As a beneficiary, you have certain rights. If you believe your rights as a beneficiary were violated, you should talk […]

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Loew Law Group discusses how you can simplify the estate-planning process with this estate-planning checklist.

Simplify the Estate-Planning Process with this Estate-Planning Checklist

One reason many people do not develop an estate plan is that they believe the estate-planning process is difficult. They do not understand the process or what information they need for an estate plan. A California estate-planning attorney can simplify the estate-planning process by guiding you through each step, including preparing an estate-planning checklist for […]

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Loew Law Group discusses four important estate-planning documents you may need.

Four Estate-Planning Documents You May Need Today

Everyone needs an estate plan to protect themselves, their assets, and their loved ones. Without an estate plan, state laws and probate judges will make sensitive and important decisions for your loved one after your death. Our California estate planning attorneys typically recommend that individuals consider executing at least four basic estate-planning documents (and often […]

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Loew Law Group gives five tips to newlyweds who are preparing their estate plan.

Five Estate-Planning Tips for Newlyweds

You may not be ready for any more planning after planning a rehearsal dinner, wedding, and honeymoon. There is so much planning that goes into a wedding that it can be a bit overwhelming at times, while still being exciting and joyful. However, there is one important matter that many newlyweds overlook – estate planning.  […]

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Loew Law Group discusses five reasons why financial advisors are important to an estate plan.

Five Reasons Why Financial Advisors are Important to an Estate Plan

Estate planning and financial planning are two areas in which you can greatly benefit from experienced advice and guidance. However, some people overlook the benefits of including your financial advisor in the discussion when developing your estate plan. Our California estate planning attorneys discuss five ways your financial advisor can help you with your estate […]

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The Loew Law Group discusses the growing issue of elder fraud and financial elder abuse.

The Growing Problem of Elder Fraud and Financial Elder Abuse

As our society ages and more individuals head to retirement, elder fraud and financial elder abuse are becoming more common. Those who are forced to manage their own retirement funds while coping with declining health are especially vulnerable. If you or a family member has been the victim of elder fraud or financial elder abuse, […]

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The Loew Law Group discusses four beneficiary rights that you should know about.

4 Beneficiary Rights You May Not Know About

As a beneficiary of a trust agreement, you have certain rights by law. The trust agreement may also give you rights as a beneficiary. Because you may receive significant benefits from the trust, it makes sense to know and understand your rights as a beneficiary. A California beneficiary rights attorney can help you protect your […]

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The Loew Law Group discusses the best ways to avoid a will contest.

How to Avoid a Will Contest in California

After your death, the person you name in your will to manage your estate begins the process of probating your will. Your will is authenticated, and your personal representative begins securing your property, identifying your heirs, and assessing your final debts and legal obligations. Your will dictates the distribution of your property after payment of […]

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