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Digital Assets and Probate: Navigating the Evolving Landscape

Digital assets continue to evolve and expand. Individuals can accumulate significant digital assets, which could have substantial value. Unfortunately, digital assets can pose unique challenges for estate planning. Without a comprehensive estate plan, your digital assets could be lost or mismanaged. In this blog, our California estate planning attorney discusses tips for ensuring your digital […]

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How Do I Leave Assets to Minors in California?

When preparing an estate plan, special care is needed where a person wishes to leave assets to a minor. This is because asset or property transfers to a minor are often governed by the California Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA). Our California estate planning attorney can answer any questions you may have about how […]

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Understanding Charitable Remainder Trusts

Many people have a goal of leaving some of their money to charitable or philanthropic organizations through their will or trust. Charitable remainder trusts make it possible for a person to give to the charitable organizations they choose during their lifetime while still having access to needed assets.   If set up properly, a charitable remainder […]

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Three EASY Asset Protection Tips You Can Use RIGHT NOW

You may have heard about asset protection planning and assume it only applies to very wealthy individuals or people in high-risk professions. In reality, asset protection is not only about protecting your assets from creditors. It can also protect you and your loved ones from unforeseen events. Our experienced California estate planning attorney can evaluate if […]

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What’s the Problem With DIY Wills?

Many people wonder why they shouldn’t prepare their own will. After all, websites abound with “free” legal advice, and it’s easy to get forms and templates off the internet. While it may seem simple and less expensive to DIY your will, drafting mistakes or document execution issues can have serious consequences.  Consequences may include a […]

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How to Administer a Trust in California

Many people are interested in creating a living trust in California to avoid probate and to enjoy many of the other advantages that a living trust provides. But not everyone understands how to administer a trust in California after the death of the trust’s initial creator, often called the settlor. There are many rules you need to […]

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