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What is Palliative Care? Planning for Future Medical Needs

Palliative care is often referred to as pain management or comfort care and is an option that many people choose as part of their end-of-life care plan.  Hospice and palliative care are similar, but not the same.  Hospice care is typically provided at or near the end of a patient’s life.  However, a patient may […]

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Estate Planning Guidance for Small Business Owners

Small business owners must often incorporate their estate plan with a business succession plan. Having an estate plan ensures that your wishes for your business are carried out after your death. Whether you want to pass the business to another person or liquidate the business, our California estate planning attorney can help you identify your […]

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How to Create an Estate Plan Suited for Unmarried Partners

Under California law, domestic partners have all of the same rights as a married couple.  However, if you and your partner are not married, and not registered as domestic partners, you will need to be especially careful that your estate plan is in place to carry out your wishes when you die, or if you […]

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Estate Planning for Surviving a Spouse or Partner

For many of us, it may be even more difficult to think about the loss of a spouse or partner than it is to face our own mortality.  However, you still need to do estate planning for surviving your spouse or partner, because one of you will most likely predecease the other. If you are […]

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Elder Abuse and Fraud: How to Avoid Being a Target

Con artists love to go after seniors to try to trick them out of their hard-earned money. Sometimes the scammers are total strangers from somewhere else in the world, and sometimes the thieves are close to home. Relatives, neighbors, caregivers, and trusted people like spiritual advisors may dupe older Americans out of the money they […]

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How Does Prop 19 Affect My Estate?

Changes in probate and estate laws can have a significant impact on your estate plans. However, changes in tax laws can also positively or negatively impact your estate. Therefore, we strongly recommend periodically discussing your estate plan with our California estate planning attorney, especially after changes in tax laws such as California’s Proposition 19. Before […]

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When Do I Start Paying My Deceased Loved One’s Creditors?

The debts of a deceased person can wipe out the inheritance a beneficiary might have expected to receive. California has its own rules about the notification of creditors and payment of creditor claims when administering an estate. If you are trying to handle the estate of a close friend or relative, you probably have many […]

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20 Estate Planning Legal Terms You Need to Know

Having a complete and comprehensive estate plan is the most effective thing you can do to protect your family as a whole, and ultimately your legacy. But estate planning in California is known for being incredibly complicated and confusing if you aren’t a California estate planning attorney. The first step to making it less intimidating […]

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