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Burlingame, California

The upscale city of Burlingame is known for its mild climate and pedestrian-friendly downtown area. Residents enjoy a high quality of life and economic prosperity, due in large part to the city’s proximity to Silicon Valley. If you’ve made Burlingame your home, you likely appreciate how important it is to plan for your family’s long-term needs. That’s where having comprehensive estate planning can make all the difference. Loew Law Group, PLC works with clients on these matters as well as probate and estate-related civil litigation.

How Estate Planning Can Help in Burlingame, California

No matter your station in life, you never know when tragic or unexpected events will change everything. Estate planning is often thought of as something people do when they’re elderly or they know they’re about to die. But you could pass away suddenly with unfinished business and unsettled debts. Or you could get injured and find yourself unable to work and make decisions for yourself. It’s essential to never underestimate the value of sound estate planning.

And it starts with a last will and testament. This document, often simply called a will, instructs an individual known as the executor to dispose of your estate according to your wishes. 

Your next step is to consider a trust. Trusts can help individuals manage their assets and provide support to their families. When done correctly, a trust can also minimize estate taxes and avoid the lengthy and expensive probate process. There are numerous different kinds of trusts, but most people choose a revocable trust to serve their needs. Your lawyer can explain the different options and help you decide what’s best.

If you’re suddenly hospitalized or become ill, who will make health and financial decisions for you? It’s imperative that you designate trusted individuals to handle your medical, financial, and other personal affairs if you cannot. Talk to your attorney about a living will, durable power of attorney, and advance medical directive.

Estate planning doesn’t just help individuals prepare themselves and their families for the unexpected. It can also be used to decide who takes over a family business if you die or become incapacitated. Business succession plans are like estate plans for companies and can ensure the right people are ready to step up if something happens to you.

Do you have a family member who has begun to show signs of physical or mental limitations? Injury, old age, and disease can make it more difficult to care for oneself. A conservatorship may be the answer. This instrument can protect a vulnerable relative and ensure that his or her basic needs are met.

Civil Litigation For Burlingame, California Trust And Estate Matters

You may be a family member who was wrongly excluded from a will. On the other hand, a beneficiary may be dissatisfied with how a trustee or executor is managing an estate. No matter how well-drafted an estate plan is, it can be subjected to a court challenge. Our firm’s practice areas include civil litigation for wills, trusts, and similar estate matters.

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a diverse array of legal actions, including:

  • Claims of undue influence involving a will or trust
  • Allegations that someone was wrongfully denied their inheritance
  • Executor and trustee mismanagement of estate and trust assets
  • Breach of fiduciary claims

These and other actions demand serious and dedicated legal representation, whether you are the one who wants to bring them or you are the individual named as a defendant. Our firm will work to resolve your civil litigation matter in a cost-effective and expeditious manner, using out-of-court methods such as mediation to settle the case when possible. If needed, however, we will take your fight to court and advocate for your interests.

Trust Administration Services

Have you been named as a trustee? If so, you’re probably wondering what your responsibilities are. While serving as a trustee can be an honor, it must be carried out properly. Trustees are considered to be fiduciaries, meaning the law imposes certain obligations upon them. As an example, a trustee must always maintain accurate and detailed records and put the interests of beneficiaries above their own.

Even well-meaning fiduciaries can run afoul of their duties. You could inadvertently find yourself facing lawsuits without even understanding what you did wrong. Turn to our trust administration practice. Our team will review the trust, discuss your legal obligations, and help you administer the trust so it can be properly closed.

Fighting To End Elder Abuse

Scammers are constantly looking for ways to rip off the elderly. Fraud against older Americans comes in many forms, with email phishing, telemarketing scams, and identity theft being just a few examples. This constitutes elder abuse and it’s something our firm fights to stop.

Unfortunately, many cases of elder abuse happen within families. Relatives, aware of a vulnerable family member, will sometimes take advantage of cognitive or physical limitations to pull off a scam. But legal action can put an end to this abuse. If you believe an elderly loved one is being abused, we can help.

Working With You Through Probate

Estate plans can be structured to avoid or minimize the probate process. But this isn’t always true. Probate can be time-consuming and expensive, however, it is necessary for many estates. Whether you’re an executor, administrator, or personal representative, we can walk you through probate and help close the estate.

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Many attorneys practice estate planning among numerous other areas of law. But if you have a legal issue involving a trust or will, you need a law firm that’s dedicated to your specific needs. At Loew Law Group, PLC, we’re focused only on estate planning matters and the legal disputes related to them. Give us a call today to learn more.