Older man looking over his last will and testament

What Is Intestate Succession? Why You Need to Care

If a California resident dies without a valid will or trust, then California law will control who gets their assets. Without an effective estate plan, your assets may pass to heirs you may not prefer, or even to heirs you’ve never met. An estate plan is the only way to ensure that the people you […]

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Should I Start Estate Planning In My Twenties?

Becoming an adult is a gradual process, often extending over decades. But during your twenties you will likely reach some of the most crucial benchmarks of adulthood.  These may include finishing your formal education, living independently for the first time, setting out on a long-term career path, finding a serious romantic partner, marrying, and even […]

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Man submitting a will contest.

Four Things You Should Know About Will and Trust Contests

Your loved one dies, and you discover that you’ve been cut out of the will or trust. You might still be reeling emotionally from the death in the family when you are shocked by this further bad news. The inheritance you have expected throughout your life is not going to happen.  A California estate planning […]

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Woman at a nursing home being taken care of by nurse during

Nursing Homes & The Coronavirus Outbreak

Nursing homes have struggled with the coronavirus outbreak. Residents in long-term care facilities and nursing homes are at high risk for COVID-19. Reasons for the high risk given by the Centers for Disease Control include the fact that many nursing home patients are elderly adults with underlying health conditions. Also, the nature of nursing homes, […]

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Estate Planning for Women After a Divorce

As soon as the dust settles after divorce, women need to take care of other paperwork to avoid problems now and down the road. A California estate planning attorney can help you get ready for the next act of your life. Here are a few examples of ways to protect yourself and your loved ones. […]

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Single father and son playing basketball.

Estate Planning for Single Fathers

Estate planning is essential for all parents. However, single fathers face additional challenges and issues when preparing their estate, especially if their child’s other parent has passed away or cannot care for the child. Our California estate planning attorneys can help you address common estate planning issues for single parents. Creating an estate plan gives […]

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Older couple discusses potential trust contest problems.

Three Trust Contest Problems Your Survivors May Face

If you have a living trust, or are considering getting a living trust in California, you might wonder what may happen to your trust after you pass on. You’ll probably want to know if someone can come along and challenge the trust — possibly getting a judge to set it aside, or causing your survivors […]

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Attorney shaking hand with client and discussing trust administration.

Common Problems in Trust Administration

Trust agreements are an essential and versatile tool in estate planning. Many individuals use one or more trusts to protect assets, avoid probate, reduce tax liability, or delay distributions to minors and other beneficiaries. However, trustees can run into problems with the trust administration, especially if they did not consult a California estate planning attorney […]

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Daughter and elderly mother looking over estate plan.

What Is Undue Influence in Elder Law Cases?

Whenever a person leaves a disproportionate share of his or her assets to a caregiver or friend, or only one or two of the person’s natural heirs, leaving out others, the disappointed would-be beneficiaries are likely to cry “undue influence.” This argument is often the basis of a will or trust contest. Sometimes close friends […]

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